A brass bell for Malagasy Tsarahasina the Catholic mission of Father Bertrand (2012)
Cloche 1

Tsarahasina village

Cloche 2

Casting the metal of the bell in Annecy

Cloche 4

The bell, Heloise godmother:

Ready to fly from Annecy to Madagascar
Cloche 3

blessing the bell and emotion to the fore

Cloque 5

the bell rings!


Action in March-June 2014:

For Foreign Missions of Paris (Father Bertrand)
Building a home and social home in the village of Ankririky

ongoing construction work

June 2014: reception and social home in the village of Ankririky completed

Home and Social House Ankririky: nursing activity

Search food autonomy Extension agricultural school in Port-Bergé to the Malagasy girls
Construction, opening and operation of the “Heloise Health Center”

In addition to the public health center of the village, the nearest hospital is 200 km, 5 hours of bush taxi for those who have the means, or more days in a cart.

The public clinic is currently managed by a Malagasy doctor, who works with a midwife and a dispenser. This mainly consultations, pediatrics and adult medicine. This healthcare provision is essential to the current needs of the village. But it is necessary to support, diversify and expand this care package.

The future health center will thus have priority objective:

– Prevention, detection and management of malnutrition of children, parent education.
– Installation of a treatment room for the management of wounds and minor injuries.
– Installation of an ultrasound system in a dedicated room for pregnancy monitoring and the management of gynecological pathologies.
– Installation of a dental treatment room.
– Creation of a small pharmacy.

A doctor will be hired to hold the clinic, dentist happen once a week on market day. A nurse will be present, and a pharmacist. The sisters will provide administrative management and daily clinic.

Land clearing

Laying the foundation stone

care prodigation

Inauguration of « Héloïse Health Center »

« Héloïse Health Center » operating