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BENIN : From Ouidah to the inauguration of Nahorou school, The Héloïse Charruau Fondation, represented by Henri, Danièle, Chantal and Stéphane, as they were on a mission in the North of Benin from November 22nd to December 1st, 2017, to observe the education and sanitation efforts that the foundation was sponsoring since 2015.
The video of this missions conceived to be a representation of the development from the beginning starting from Ouidah, on the bank of the Atlantique, where moving events of slavery as well as the arriival of the first Europeen missionaries arriving to evangelize Africa occured.
The video presents scenes from the Great Philosophical Seminary of Djime, birthplace of missionaries priest ,”fidei donum”, that are still attached to their original diocese in Europe, where there is a trend of dechristianization, all the way to the inauguration of Nahorou school at the doors of the semi arid Sahel region in muslim country.
The message of this mission is exemplified by the demonstration of joy in the meeting and the sharing between all, regardless of religion and beliefs, where there is a mutual discovery of festive and fervor spiritual involvement.

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